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Mix It Up Thursday (Late Edition)

☆Waking Up Tips☆

Sometimes it’s hard to wake up. Sometimes I think nobody knows this better than I do. Thing is, it isn’t as hard as you think.

☆First things first - when you wake up turn your light on immediately

For the most part when you wake up you don’t want to wake up therefore you don’t. So yes tip number one is to make yourself *want* to wake up.

● put something on your bedside table to entice you
• have a little reminder of what the day might bring, that you enjoy, on a sticky note somewhere near the bed where you’ll see it.
• tape/pin a vision board on the wall across from your bed so you’ll see it when you wake up.

Next step is to try and be healthy about waking up. Remember healthy can be fun!

● go to bed at a decent hour. This means whenever you want to get up go to bed 8 and 1/4 hours before. A good 20 minutes before you want to be asleep.
•get a drink of water. It helps if you already have a bottle of water on your bedside table
• sit up. You don’t have to leave the bed you just have to sit up. This gets the flow of blood to increase again!
• read! Yes read. Be it something from your phone or a small book. Get your brain active with light reading. You’re not going to completely comprehend everything; that’s why I recommend making it something on your phone. ie: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, local news, weather.
• pop in your headphones! Listen to a song you know the words to by heart. Sing it out loud if you have to. Then listen to a song you don’t know that well. The focus will wake your brain up. Plus it’s good for memory anyway!

You need to get your body active.
● get up and shuffle your way to the coffee maker
• go to the bathroom
• turn on the TV at the source
• do some yoga (or an exercise that you feel is fun and wakes you up)

Last but not least, you need to have your room just right.
●it needs to be cool. Turn on a fan or air conditioning. Doesn’t need to be harshly cold just lightly cool.
• it needs to be dark. Light will keep the mind from going to sleep. It’s how our brains work. Why do ya think I said when you get up turn your light *on* 😜
• if there’s a smell, like lavender, that calms you and helps you sleep you need to have that sprayed or laid around in your room.

I know very well how hard it is to wake up. I’m still waking up right now.


P.S. Freaky Friday will be posted later on as it is going to be typed throughout the day kind of as a follow me around thing.



Dear anon. I might look happy but looks can be deserving. you never know what someones going through. Even if i did only cut myself once for the attention, it wouldn’t make me an attention whore. It would show that i’m going through a really hard time and the only way i can deal with it and feel as if people care is by getting attention.

Not everyone cuts for attention. I don’t. I cut for other reasons. The relief, the pain. I thought i deserved the pain, i hated myself. No one ever knew about it unless they saw it by accident. And when i stared telling my close friends it was because i wanted help to get better.

You asked for where i cut myself? Well im recovering now, i only have scars. But i pained on the places i would cut most, i did it on my thighs more than anywhere else, layer after layer. Why? so i could hide it.

Self harm doesnt make me less than anyone else. Its a coping mechanism. and its probably not the best one. But people still do it

Please never harm your beautiful body, you are enough and you deserve all the self love. Im here if you want to talk <3

Random Wednesday

So much I want to do and get started on. So much I NEED to get started on.

Why I missed Mani Monday and Tasty Tuesday - my manicure is just the same color I had the last mani Monday (Love My Nails Raspberry) Tasty Tuesday was spent trying to down solid food which my body keeps throwing off.

Feeling better today I want to start a project. I just don’t know what to start.

I have to start rearranging my schedule (so I hope to get back to blogging regularly again). Until it’s completely done my sleep will be off and I’ll be a basket case.

The premier of Gotham was GREAT! I missed a lot of Sleepy Hollow though :(

I want to link some websites here. Just some I think anybody reading this might like. So, throughout the day I’ll be editing it and posting links 👇 below.

Sorry got busy and forgot but here are some links to some awesome websites now > for any Gotham fans ^ These are just a little handful of my favorite websites. I left Gotham chronicle for anyone who is a fan of Batman, Gotham, Catwoman, or DC in general.
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